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  • Flatplans

    pageplanr flatplans

  • Ad Management

    pageplanr ad management

  • Timelines

    pageplanr timelines

  • Budgets

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  • Teams

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  • Flat plan

    pageplanr helps designers, editors and publishers with the planning and implementation of their layout projects. You can set up flat plans of layout projects and assess their layout.

  • Teamwork

    pageplanr is also a private communications tool replacing tedious email conversations. You can collaborate in a team, exchange messages and manage tasks

  • Full control

    Timelines und budget plans help you to deliver your project in time and in a profitable way. You always have a complete overview of current status of your projects.

  • Manage projects

    Create, reorder and delete pages, name them and save additional information about them.

  • Team colla­boration

    Create individual project teams and present your finished layouts to your clients.

  • Stay on top of your jobs

    See at a glance how far the project has progressed and all the tasks.

  • Private team messaging

    Exchange news, assign tasks and share informations about a project and its pages.

  • Task manage­ment

    Easily assign tasks with a due date and have them controlled.

  • Process control

    Changes and information about your pages are always visible.

  • Timelines

    The various steps of a production can be easily entered and changed on a timeline. A nice schedule can also be downloaded as a PDF.

  • Budgets

    How profitable are you? Manage your Budget and don't loose track of your money.

  • Ad-Management

    Manage Ad-Placements

  • It's easy and efficient

    Say goodbye to Excel lists and other crutches with which you have tried so far to manage your layout products.

    pageplanr offers you the opportunity to quickly and easily build page structures, to control the entire layout process efficiently, and to make stunning presentations of your finished layouts.

    And with the included messaging capabilities of pageplanr, lengthy approval processes are a thing of the past.

  • It's safe

    Your layouts, messages and images are in good hands with pageplanr.
    Access to your flat plans and associated images and messages is password protected, so that no unauthorized person can see your work or communications.

Currently more than 100.000 pages are managed with pageplanr
  • Thumbs up,
    a really great project!

    Marc Freudenhammer
    wppt:kommuni­kation GmbH

  • As a freelance editor-in-chief, I was looking for an online tool that would allow me to manage the development of print projects for my customers on a meta-level. Pageplanr is the ideal combination of functionality and usability for me.

    Adrian Weinhold

  • I dived deep into all the page planning tools available and I think you have developed the only sensible solution. Very cool.

    Sebastian Esser

  • We were searching specifically for a tool to communicate with our editors – and yours was the best :-)

    Ilona Koglin

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