Manage your team

In most of the times print projects get realized by a team. You'll have desingers, photographers, writers work on it as well as illustrators, art directors, and the list goes on. The team then changes over time. People come, people leave, or their role in the team changes. Panta rhei, as Heraklit said.

pageplanr lets you adapt to all these changes very easy. On the account page you'll see a list of all your team members you've invited so far, grouped according to their access level. You'll have:

project managers , who have access to everything but the account settings

team members , who have access to all parts of all projects where they are part of the project team, except the projects timeline and budgets

and clients, who can only see project previews.

Changing the team

Clicking on one of the team members will open the page, where you can change his or her access level. Just choose one of the three possible access levels on the left of the screen: project manager, team member, or client.

When you've saved any changes made to a team member, you can immediately edit another team member by clicking on it in the members list on the right.

Please be aware though that any changes made to a team member only get active the next time the respective member is logging in.

As you can see you can delete a member from your account, too. This will remove this member completely from pageplanr and he or she will no longer be able to access your account.

You might be tempted to change the name, role description or avatar of the member too. But this can only be done by the respective member in his/her profile settings.