pageplanr Roadmap 2023

Last year's integration of contentplanr was well received by pageplanr users and is now actively used by many. We now want to further expand the integration of the two services.

In addition, pageplanr will of course also get new features:

Assign pages to individual team members

Up to now, tasks can already be created for individual team members in pageplanr via the chat messages, which are related to certain pages. We want to expand this function and enable the assignment of pages to individual team members. This will make it easier and quicker to divide up responsibilities, especially in editorial departments or for large publications where larger teams of copywriters, graphic designers and photographers are working.

For this purpose, the tasks and page assignments are to be clearly displayed and managed via a new dashboard.

New Action-Bar

At present, the details of the pages of a page plan can be edited either via the inspector on the right-hand side of the page plan or via the "Points menu" that can be displayed at the top right of each page.

The inspector is the tool that can be used to edit several details of the marked pages at the same time. The "dot menu", on the other hand, is the faster tool for changing one feature of the selected pages at a time.

We have received feedback from some of our users that this distinction is not always clear or that the two ultimately very similar editing options are "too much". That is why we are currently testing a new operating concept with a new "action bar".

New operating concept for the page plan: A new action bar

The "action bar" is to completely replace the inspector and the "dot menu". We hope that this will make the use of the page plan even more intuitive, easier and faster for you.

If you have any suggestions regarding the points listed here or any other ideas you would like to see implemented, please write to us! At we look forward to any suggestions you may have.

Dec. 2023