Start a new project

Creating a new project is easy. Go to your projects page and click on the button "create new project".

Project settings

First give your project a name by providing a client name, a title or an edition (or any combination of those three parts), and you may also define a time span for the project.

Selecting the proper number of pages per sheet will enable pageplanr to warn you should you create a number of pages not suitable to print.

The format option lets you select the basic page format: portrait, landscape, or square.

Number of pages - well, you know what this means.

pageplanr starts the page numbers of your flat plan with the very first page of your project, when you choose "without Cover" from the Cover options. Selecting "with Cover" makes the third page of your project to page "1", while the first two pages and the last two pages of your project become "Cover 1" through "Cover 4".

Copy project

Instead of setting up an all new project you can copy an existing project. This will copy all basic settings, page titles and page types from the selected project.