Now you can start big projects even faster

The average number of pages of your projects on pageplanr is higher than we initially thought it would be, it's about 80 pages per project. We are using pageplanr ourselves to mange and document our design projects and the flyers and brochures we are creating for our clients are mostly in the range of 4 to 40 pages. Taking a look at the current numbers we found that there are in fact quite a lot of projects with 4 to 12 pages. But we didn't expect to find so many projects with several hundreds of pages.

Setting up a project with a lot of of pages can get tedious, even with pageplanr. You want all your pages to be labeled properly with titles and entering all those data isn't much fun and takes its time.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a shortcut to this? Well, now there is!

Create a new project with page titles

On the "your projects" page click on "create new project". Enter a title for your project and then click on the link " or list of pages" next to the pages input section.

Now there is a text field where you can enter all your page titles of your project. For every line in this text field pageplanr will create one page in the project and put the content of the line into the pages title. If a line has no content, the page will still be created, it won't have any title though.

When you've made all the settings for your project then click on SAVE NEW PROJECT and you're done!

To get back to the simple input of the numbers of pages you want your project to have click on the link " or number of pages". Please be aware that changing the mode (number or pages or list of titles) will delete the content of the input field you're leaving. So should you enter a list of titles and then click on "or number of pages", the list will be gone.

It's probably a good idea to prepare your list of page titles in advance in any text editor or may be even an excel sheet, because the text field dimensions are very limited. But these limitations are only visual ones, you don't have any limitations in the number of lines you may enter here. When your list is ready, just copy and paste it into the text field!

We want you to have the best experience with pageplanr and to get you up and running with your large projects as fast as possible, and we think you'll love this feature.