The project chat is the second important pillar of pageplanr next to the pageplanr, which makes it easier for you to plan, organize and control layout projects. Instead of sending endless cascades of emails back and forth between all participants, pageplanr gives you a central platform where you can exchange information about all the details of your projects.

Messages with super powers

To the right of the page plan, the messages for this project are listed chronologically. Everything that makes discussions with emails so tiring and confusing (nested text quotes, superfluous salutations and signatures) simply disappears here. Instead, with pageplanr you have the possibility to stick to short texts that get straight to the point.

At the same time, you also have the option of adding additional functions to your messages:

  1. Speak directly to a team member with an @ in front of their name
  2. Use a hashtag # and subsequent numbers to reference specific pages of your page plan
  3. With a colon : directly in front of a word you can define a task,
  4. for which you can also specify a target date with an arrow >

These four extensions can be combined in any order and the order is completely free. This makes writing effective messages very easy and fast, for example:
"#8-12 need to be ready >15.9."
"@Alex, is the photo #54 final?"
"@Claire please :shorten infobox #41 >12.3"

As you can see above, the four extensions are highlighted in color in the messages, so it is even easier to see who is addressed, where appointments and tasks are and which pages are meant.


Messages with :tasks get an additional red checkbox as long as they are not completed. To mark a task as done, just click on this red checkbox. The checkbox turns green and the task is completed.

If a message with a task with a @ is addressed to a team member, this task is also shown in the profile of the respective member. So every account member has an overview of all open tasks assigned to him in his profile.

By the way, the dashboardshows all open tasks of all projects, so you can see here how much is still to be done in total.

And one more hint: Of course you can address several members at the same time in one message, e.g: "@Eva @Adam :eat the apple >3.1.". In this case, the task is only assigned to the first member addressed, so in this example it only appears in Eve's profile as an open task.

Enter messages

Messages are entered in the message bar under the menu. There you will find a long input field in which you can write your text.

To make the input of message extensions as easy and fast as possible, pageplanr gives you additional support in the message bar:
As soon as you mark pages in the pageplanr, the marked page numbers are automatically inserted into the input field.
Instead of having to write the names of the team members manually, you can simply select the desired team member from a drop-down list to the right of the input field.
And you can also select the target date for a task instead of manually using a calendar, which you can also find to the right of the input field.

As soon as you finish your message with Enter or click on the Send button to the far right of the message entry, the message is saved and displayed in the message history to the right of the page plan.