Page groups

Page groups are a good way to keep an even better overview and to edit the page plan faster - especially for larger publications.

Each page can be part of a group. To do this, a page is selected and a corresponding group name is entered in the Inspector on the right. If groups have already been created, one of the existing groups can also be selected from a drop-down menu.

Create a new group and apply it to other pages

All pages belonging to a group are marked by a bright dashed line.

To remove a page from a group, simply select the "Remove from group" option from the drop-down menu in the Inspector and save your settings.

When one page of a group is selected, you can extend the selection to all pages of the group by clicking the icon to the right of the group field in the Inspector.

Select all pages of a group

With the minus icon to the right of it, a group can be deleted completely.

Delete a group