pageplanr — the Fitness Tracker for your Print Projects

If this image sounds familiar to you, then you are struggling with the same problems as most editors, graphic designers and publishers: it’s all about keeping track of a multi-page publication. What content goes on which page? What is the current status of the pages, where is material still missing? What is the visual rhythm of the pages?

With pageplanr, those manually created page plans that are extremely cumbersome and difficult to change are thankfully a thing of the past. Instead, with pageplanr you can easily create individual page plans that can be updated quickly and easily. And that’s not all: the page plans can be edited and discussed in the team, with a schedule you manage the timing of the production and with the budget overview you also have the costs under control. And last but not least, pageplanr helps you to present your publication convincingly with attractive PDFs.

This way, you always have your publications completely under control with minimal effort and can be sure that you deliver the best possible result with pinpoint accuracy.

Three main areas

The operation of pageplanr is really simple and intuitive. This documentation is therefore primarily intended to help you get a quick overview of the possibilities and functions.

You can access the three areas of pageplanr via the links in the top menu:

Dashboard — Gives you an overview of all active projects and tasks

Projects — Here you create and manage your projects.

Account — Here you will find everything concerning your account: team, subscription, preferences, and your personal profile.