Team communication platform exchange information and manage tasks

The larger a design project, the easier it is to lose track

Who corrected the text?
Are the new images already finished?
The schedule has changed!

With pageplanr your print object is always under control

  • Form teams

    Form teams

    Invite all your coworkers and customers to your account.
    Then form individual teams for each of your projects.

  • Share information

    Share information

    Send instant messages to team members and watch the message timeline for answers and news.

  • Intelligent messaging

    Intelligent messaging

    If you are inside a project, then the message is automatically assigned to this project. This way, in any of your projects you only see the messages related to the project.

    With a "#", a message can also be assigned to specific pages:

    " #12,13,14,15 need a second layout"

  • Address team members

    Address team members

    Send general messages to all team members or address your message with "@" to address a certain team member:

    " @andy #12,13 got your images!"

  • Assign tasks

    Assign tasks

    Starting a word with ":" turns the message into a task. This task automatically appears in the task list of the addressed team member:

    " @andy #12,13 :insert new images from photographer"

  • Time schedules

    Time schedules

    You can insert the symbol ">" and a date in your message to automatically insert the message in the project calendar.

    " @andy #12,13 :images >3/15 because ad has been removed!"